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We have always prided ourselves on retailing quality products and as such when it comes to feeder tubes we firmly believe there are nothing better then Droll YankeeJacobi Jayne Feeders and Accessories. Their cutting edge creativity on the design always means they are constantly improving and developing new ideas to benefit the feeding of our wild birds. Most recently the innovative creation of the new ‘Ring Pull’ cleaning system on the standard feeder tubes and the ‘Twist ’n’ lock’ on the larger ‘Onyx’ feeder tubes make hygiene maintenance so much easier.Jacobi Jayne offer a lifetime guarantee on all their metal ported feeders and their no quibble warranty means we can sell their products with confidence. We carry the whole range of Jacobi Jayne feeders including the giant Droll Yankee tubeswhich are up to 124cm in length and come complete with up to 12 feeding stations. Whatever your requirements for your wildlife we are sure we can point you in the right direction with the right information and the perfect product. We hope to soon offer a range of these feeder tubes for sale via our web site.

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